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The Cook-Zen Wagashi Cookbook

The Cook-Zen Wagashi Cookbook

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  • Paperback, 141
  • ISBN: 978-1-891105-62-3

From Cherry Blossom Rice Cakes to Mochi Dusted with Green Soy-bean Flour, home cooks will be transported by the recipes in Machiko Chiba’s latest cookbook devoted to Japanese sweets known as wagashi. Traditionally served as part of the tea ceremony, wagashi are finding a place in contemporary cuisines as light, beautifully crafted, elegant desserts. Intrigued by this art form that dates back centuries, chef Machiko researched traditional recipes, studying the techniques of Japan’s wagashi masters to translate their methods for modern audiences. Now, with her easy-to-follow instructions and the patented Cook-Zen microwave pot, anyone can make wagashi in minutes.

Made with various rice flours, wagashi are gluten free, and low in sugar. Inspired by nature’s beauty and the unique qualities of each season, wagashi reflect the natural world in color and form. In addition to the Cook-Zen, Machiko has custom designed chrysanthemum-, maple leaf-, and cherry blossom-shaped molds, among other more contemporary designs, that will charm your guests. Following the success of her previous books, The Cook-Zen Cookbook and The Cook-Zen Way to Eat, The Cook-Zen Wagashi Cookbook is a welcome invitation to explore the sweet side of Japan’s rich culinary history.

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