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Warm Soups for Chilly Days - Revisiting Piatto Unico

It’s been cold in New York. Cold enough that the inside of your nose and the tips of your fingers freeze during the dash from apartment to subway station. Cold enough that the chunks of ice floating down the Hudson are slowly coalescing into a single solid sheet that creaks in the wake of passing vessels.

On days like this, I want nothing more but to come home and curl up on the couch with a hot dinner and an episode of the Bachelor a serious and intellectually stimulating book. But after a long day at work, cooking a meal can seem more daunting than getting off Hulu and opening a book.

Soup is the perfect meal for these chilly evenings. Warming to the belly and to the hands that cradle the bowl and easy to prepare in large batches at the beginning of the week and freeze in individual portions, soup is an all-in-one, delicious, and low effort meal.

Piatto Unico is Toni Lydecker’s guide to simple, one course (and often one dish) meals that still manage to pack in all the artistry and comfort of good Italian cooking. Her soup chapter is perfect for the weather this month, with a selection of hearty recipes that utilize beans, bread, and meats as ample filler to mostly vegetable based broths.

Brothy Bread Soup with Poached Eggs is one such example. A soup whose prep to table time is under an hour, the recipe and ingredients are so familiar that even I might be able to make it for a week night dinner. The toasted bread cubes and poached eggs added to a vegetable base make this a well rounded and filling soup with all the major food groups, and the half cup of grated cheese (or more to taste) promises just the right amount of creamy indulgence (my taste would definitely be for more!). Here’s the recipe in case you want to try it tonight!

Brothy Bread Soup with Poached Eggs

Brianne Mirecki is a student and runner who attempts to bake gourmet treats in less-than-gourmet college dorm kitchens.

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