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The Latin Road Home…to Philly?

Last week Lake Isle Press went on a field trip all the way to the exotic land of…Philadelphia!  There was some business involved, of course, but overall we were in it for pleasure—eating lunch at J.G. Domestic (scroll down for photos!) 

Chef Jose Garces has been unstoppable lately.  With 7 restaurants just in the Philadelphia area, one James Beard award under his belt, two cookbooks, and the coveted title of Iron Chef, Jose Garces is a culinary juggernaut.  He is also surprisingly warm, charismatic, and…normal?  Ok, maybe normal for an Iron Chef. 

However, his newest cookbook, The Latin Road Home, is anything but.  With one chapter devoted to each of the five Latin culinary traditions that have most inspired him—Ecuador, Spain, Cuba, Mexico, and Peru—this cookbook is so much more than, well, a cookbook.  Rather, each chapter is a window into that region’s fascinating history and culture through the medium of gorgeous and authentic dishes.

Carne Asada a la Tampiquena

Turning the pages you can almost feel the dusty sun on your face, hear the shouting from the local market, and taste the spices and flavors of the country.  With vibrant photos and even more vibrant recipes, your mouth will water from page one.

Pastel de Tres Leches

Plus who couldn’t love a book that’s got delicious, regional cocktail recipes in each section?  I—and anyone else in the New York area—know all too well that it’s the depths of winter.  And the Purple Corn Punch may be just the ticket to warm us up.  Because while you might not be able to physically escape your wintry prison, you can at least bring the hot and comforting flavors of The Latin Road Home into your kitchen tonight.

Chicha Morada Purple Corn Punch


J.G. Domestic is focused on farm-to-table cooking with organic ingrients, often from Chef Garce's own Luna Farms.  Here are a few of the delicious dishes we tasted before boarding the bus back to the Big Apple, our hearts light and our bellies full.

Parsnip agnolotti with luna farm kale, pear-brown butter, caraway crumble

Wood oven flatbread with hen of the woods mushrooms, black truffle, cheddar, and egg yolk. So rich, so good...

Organic chicken Panini with grafton aged Vermont cheddar and shishito pepers

And last, but certainly not least...

Beignets with bourbon vanilla mousseline, maker’s mark butterscotch


by Catherine Lamb, intern, student, food-obsessor.  Check out her blog at

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