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We asked bloggers Katie at the Kitchen Door and Hungry Sofia to test out recipes from Chef Jose Garces’ The Latin Road Home. The results left us drooling, and ready to cook up our own!  

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“I chose to make the Chipotle Chicken Nachos, mainly because I couldn’t get over how delicious they looked. I can now confirm that they also taste delicious – sweet and a little smoky, with falling-apart tender chicken and just the right amount of sauce. While I went the whole nine-yards and fried my own corn tortilla chips, I actually liked the filling (called pollo ropa vieja) the best without any garnish, rolled up in a soft, warm corn tortilla. Making the filling is simple – a matter of throwing the sauce ingredients in the blender, sauteeing peppers and onions, and briefly poaching chicken thighs in boiling water. Definitely a good addition to any weeknight meal rotation.” –Katie

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Hungry Sofia chose to make the Ropa Vieja con Frijoles Colorados.

“For years, my family has been telling me I should use a pressure cooker for slow-cooking beef stews, while warning me that it will most likely explode as not, and following this with maddeningly imprecise directions on how to go about it.  If there was an area where I needed a chef’s intervention, it was here.

At first glance, it was not the same ropa vieja I was familiar with.  He uses short rib instead of the traditional flank steak.  Beyond fork tender, it collapsed in a heap the moment I lifted it out of the cooker.  The onions and peppers are sautéed slowly each time, bringing out the sweetness before proceeding to the next step.  It calls for heaping amounts of cumin which could have been overwhelming but, toasted and freshly ground, was wonderful.”-Ana

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