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Whether your exercise regimen involves a long run, hitting the weights, or chasing after small children, you probably already know that proper post workout nutrition can make a huge difference in your body’s ability to maximize the benefits of a workout. Good recovery fuel can help minimize soreness, speed recovery, and get you feeling energized and ready for your next adventure. But what exactly constitutes “proper nutrition”?

Enter fitness and foodie extraordinaire, Camilla V. Saulsbury. With a Ph.D. in sociology with a dual focus on health & medicine and American foodways and certifications in personal training, fitness instruction and pilates, Camilla is uniquely positioned to suggest the perfect post-workout snack. In fact, her new book, Power Hungry, is organized according to function, with chapters dedicated to endurance junkies, strength training fanatics, and those of us who just have a whole lot of different activities to get to in one day. Whatever your power needs, rest assured that Camilla has a nutritious (and delicious!) bar designed just for you. Use the recipes below to find your niche!

All Day Adventurer

Whether it’s waking up early to squeeze in a quick workout, keeping up your energy through a long day at the office, taking care of active kids or all three and more, you’re on the go from dawn to dusk (and sometimes late into the night as well)! You might not think of yourself as a hard core athlete, but your busy schedule requires hard core energy, and healthy snacks throughout the day can help provide that. Try a Morning Maple Bar as you run out the door in the morning, or any other time of day! Complex carbohydrates provide just enough of a boost to keep your blood sugar levels (and therefore your energy levels) stable throughout the day.

Aerobic Animal

You might be a cyclist, a runner, a swimmer, or an all around exercise junkie – just don’t call you a hobby jogger! You rely on your body to power you through hard miles and you know it’s important to take care of yourself after a workout so you can get up and go again tomorrow. Try a Greek Yogurt Muesli Bar that’s packed with complex carbohydrates to restock glycogen stores for extended energy, plus protein to repair sore muscles and healthy fats that facilitate extended absorption of those carbs.

Bar Bell Muncher

You’re serious about working out, but you’re not a fan of short shorts. You’d rather build strength than aerobic endurance, and you enjoy the comfortable heavy tiredness that comes after a good lift or yoga session. Make sure you repair those tired muscles with some powerful protein – try some 5-Minute Protein Truffles for a quick to make snack that packs 7.9g of protein per truffle, plus the assurance of quality ingredients!

Brianne Mirecki is a student and runner who attempts to bake gourmet treats in less-than-gourmet college dorm kitchens.

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