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Nostalgia and Peach Pie

Unlike the talented Jim Fobel, baking is not in my blood.  Sure, my mother would bake when the occasion called for it—birthdays, Christmas, or when company came over.  But for her it was always a chore, something that was done because, well, people expected dessert.  She herself never ate sweets.  So my love of baking expressed itself through late-night sessions of watching Jacques Torres on the Food Network and making my own birthday cakes.  Eventually everyone caught on, and I began to receive cookbooks in lieu of clothes for Christmas and was allowed to bring dessert to family gatherings. 

Jim Fobel, on the other hand, was born into a dessert-driven family.  His grandmother would bake a pie and a cake every day, and he inherited her passion and appreciation for all things delicious and homemade.  The Old Fashioned Baking Book is a timeless classic that reads as a love letter to the women that taught Fobel the magic of desserts.  In it he takes their faded, handwritten recipes and meticulously adapts them to fit the life of the modern bakery.  

Reading about Aunt Myra’s Butterscotch Pie and 1933 Glory Cake with Paradise Filling will transport you into the arms of the loving family who inspired this book.  Plus, who can resist the intrigue of a Fruitcake that requires six weeks of maturation or Shortbread whose secret ingredient is one tablespoon of chicken renderings?  Named One of the Best Cookbooks of the Year by the James Beard Society, the Old Fashioned Baking Book is a warm and comforting book that is just as well-loved now as it was then.  By the time you’re done reading you’ll be hankering to cool some fruit-pies on the window sill and sit back in your rocking chair.

Aunt Myra's Butterscotch Pie

-Catherine Lamb

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