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Lake Isle’s 20th Anniversary Bash

To celebrate our last 20 years of cookbook publishing and our newest author, Vikas Khanna, Lake Isle authors, designers, photographers, editors, and dear friends came together for a night of great food and music at the Rubin Museum of Art. The hors d'oeuvres and drinks for the evening were provided by Vikas and his team, using many recipes from his upcoming cookbook, Flavors First. Special thanks to Mark Kleinfelder for the photos below. 


Lake Isle titles from throughout the years: from Rachael Ray to Senegalese cooking and gluten-free baking, Lake Isle has covered the cooking world gamut. 


Chef Cyril Reynaud of Bar Breton, Lake Isle Publisher Hiroko Kiiffner, Vikas Khanna


BLADs for Vikas Khanna's upcoming cookbook, Flavors First


Spencer Gale of NBN (National Book Network) toasts to Hiroko and Lake Isle. 


Editor Stephanie White, designer Ellen Swandiak, and author Toni Lydecker


Cal Kiiffner, photographer Tina Rupp, Greg Barbone, authors Elizabeth Barbone and Machiko Chiba


Author Francine Grabowski and Cal Kiiffner dancing to the New Orleans-style jazz and blues of Mikey Freedom Hart & the Lucky Dogs.


Lake Isle's Stephanie White and Jennifer Sit 


Mikey Freedom Hart & the Lucky Dogs


Stephanie White and former editor, Kate Ryan


Vikas Khanna and Hiroko Kiiffner


Authors Pierre Thiam, Jill Donenfeld, Josie Gordon, and friend Ben Liquet


Food catered by Vikas Khanna and team


The original ladies of Lake Isle: Hiroko Kiiffner and Jane Walsh


And the present Lake Isle ladies: Jennifer, Hiroko, and Stephanie.

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  • It was a GREAT event. We are so happy and proud of all of you. Niriti

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