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Gluten-Free Comfort Food

You've recently discovered you or someone you love has a gluten allergy. 

Or maybe it's something you've been dealing with your whole life. 

First step: don't panic.  While having a gluten allergy definitely means you have to be careful what you eat, it doesn't mean you have to stop eating the foods you love. 

In How to Cook Gluten-Free, Elizabeth Barbone shares all your favorite comfort-food recipes adapted for a gluten-free lifestyle. And her recipes are quick enough to get on the table for any weeknight dinner.

Macaroni and Cheese?  Elizabeth's adaptation delivers the same "ohhh yeah" decadent forkful--without the gluten. 

Gluten-Free Macaroni and Cheese

Sandwiches off limits?  Not anymore.  Elizabeth tackles the epitome of gluten--bread.  And she delivers with soft, tender Multigrain.

Gluten-Free Multigrain Sandwich Bread


by Catherine Lamb, intern, student, food-obsessor.  Check out her blog at

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