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Gastroturismo: A Taste of Travel

Fox News just posted an article on great cookbook trends of 2014, and Lake Isle Press is once again on the cutting edge. Though Fox identifies “stove top travel” as the number one trend in 2014 (highlighting our newest book, Vikas Khanna’s Return to the Rivers!), Lake Isle has been transporting reader’s taste buds for years.

One of our best travel ambassadors is Jose Garces, whose second book, The Latin Road Home, aims to produce “gastroturismo” in the home kitchen by exploring the cuisine of Ecuador, Spain, Cuba, Mexico and Peru and making it accessible to the home cook.

Within chapters focused on each country, Jose presents dinner menus designed to feature the unique flavor of a specific city or region. From Quito to Barcelona to Cuzco, Jose describes the geography and history that produced such distinctive local fare, and then shares with the reader his personal experiences cooking, serving, and eating these dishes, often with his own family at home.

This personal touch – frequent references to his wife, children, and vast extended family – transforms The Latin Road Home from a delightful cultural journey to a personal encounter with the traditions that have directly impacted Chef Garces’ life.

Trying a recipe from Jose’s book not only opens a window to a far off land of sunshine and chile peppers, but to the people who live in those places and enjoy this food daily with their families. Take Ceviche de Camarones, for example. A side dish of shrimp dressed in a traditional Ecuadorian sauce, Jose tells of eating this dish as a child, when he and his father would pick up fresh shrimp on their way back from doing the grocery shopping: “There we’d sit at the kitchen table, my dad and mom and two brothers and I, grocery bags all around us, eating the most refreshing midday snack imaginable. It was a taste of the ocean and of Ecuador there in the American Midwest, and it was delicious.”

Get your own taste of travel with the recipe below!

Ceviche de Camarones

Brianne Mirecki is a student and runner who attempts to bake gourmet treats in less-than-gourmet college dorm kitchens.

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