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Fresh and Fabulous, the Culinista Way

Party Like a Culinista is hip.  Party Like a Culinista is cool.  Oh, did we mention it’s also healthy, ridiculously easy to follow, and your ticket to throwing effortless, chic parties?  Watch out folks, this is the Sex and the City of cookbooks and it’s not afraid to work it.And I’m pretty sure if authors and party-throwers extraordinaire Jill Donenfeld and Josetth Gordon met the foursome of HBO fame, they would get along fabulously.  Probably over a few glasses of Grapefruit Blackberry Flirts.

Don’t know how to throw a healthy brunch or a three-course soiree?  Party Like a Culinista has got your back from step one.  Their pre-matched menus take the guesswork out of party planning. They clue you in from the start on which recipes are vegan, vegan-friendly, speedy, and make-ahead.  But unlike most cookbooks, the help doesn’t stop there.  The Culinistas go on to tell you which wines (or cocktails) to pair with what, which dishes to make first, and even the optimal time to slip into that little black cocktail dress.  This book is, in a word, foolproof. 

But that doesn’t mean the recipes are boring or unoriginal--au contraire.  With the Culinistas, nothing is ever drab.  Sweet corn in ice cream?  Check.  Kale in ravioli?  Unexpectedly delicious, not to mention good for you.  Get ready for these types of twists in this always fresh, always feel-good, always healthful cookbook. If you cook like Culinista it’s guaranteed to be a party.

Cinnamon Corn Ice Cream with Blueberries

Kale and Ricotta Ravioli

by Catherine Lamb, intern, student, food-obsessor.  Check out her blog at

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