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5 Things You Should Know about Getting a Cookbook Published


Are you an aspiring chef? A would-be cookbook author? Or just a curious foodie? Here, Lake Isle's publishers Hiroko and Jenn dish on cookbook publishing.

1. What sets a cookbook apart from the others?

Good writing, a real command of the subject, and some degree of originality.

2. What’s one piece of advice you would tell aspiring cookbook authors?

Know your market! Think of the end user and the audience you’re trying to serve. Ask yourself how the book can be the best it can be for your audience.

3. How long does it take to get from manuscript to shiny book in hand?

On average, a year. Sometimes less, sometimes more.

4. What can cookbook authors expect if their book is published?

The process of writing the book and getting it to its print form is only the beginning! The marketing and continued promotion of the book are huge parts of the publishing process.

5. What are the most difficult and most rewarding parts of getting a cookbook published?

One of the most difficult parts is getting it the media attention and ensuring the book finds its audience. The market is very crowded and a lot of wonderful, quality books out there don’t necessarily get the attention they deserve.

For the author, one of the most rewarding parts is probably being able to make a real contribution to the existing literature. With their books, authors can connect with people in a meaningful, long-lasting way.


Meagan Goldman is a food-lover and aspiring writer. You can follow her at

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