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Flora Gill Jacobs


Flora Gill Jacobs is regarded as one of the world’s foremost authorities of antique dolls’ houses. Her collection of dolls’ houses, dolls, toys, and games was displayed in the Washington Dolls’ House & Toy Museum, which she founded in 1975. While the museum reluctantly closed its doors in 2004, her contributions to historic preservation through her unparalleled collection of antique dolls’ houses can be found in her many books. Mrs. Jacobs is the author of A History of Dolls’ Houses (1953), A Book of Dolls and Doll Houses (1967), Dolls’ Houses in America (1974), Victorian Dolls’ Houses (and their Furnishings) (1978), as well as several children’s books, most notably The Doll House Mystery (1958). Formerly a newspaper editor and reporter, she has also lectured extensively, appearing at the Maryland Historical Society, the Smithsonian, Sturbridge Village, and Williamsburg, among other venues.

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